Our philosophy

We are not wine ideologues and our philosophy is simple. We like really good wine and we prefer it to be real wine made by farmers with intention in the vineyard and the cellar. Ours are the family-run vineyards that prune their vines, handpick their grapes, and work in the cellar. This company was founded based on our passion to be the ambassadors for these Italian producers who don't have a well-known brand or large marketing budget but make noteworthy wine that we want to drink.

While we strongly believe in organic or biodynamic farming, and wine produced without manipulation or additives in the cellar, to us the deeper connection is the story each wine tells. It is the story of the real people who passionate produce it, it is the story of that vintages weather, it is a story of the soil, land, and grape varietals that thrived in that small patch of land for centuries.

Who we are

Strade Bianche Wines is run by three friends. Jeremy and Bobby go all way back to the playground at Byrom elementary school. Andrea and Bobby became friends while he was living in Montepulciano. The company was formed organically around friendship and a shared passion for high-quality small production Italian wine.

Basically, the three of us are wine geeks. We love trying new wines, or unique varietals and finding small or new producers in each town that the locals are drinking and talking about. In Montepulciano, where Bobby lived with his family, and Andrea's lifelong hometown, there was one small, up-and-coming winery that was on the majority of local tables, because it was delicious. Importing these wines became the vision that brought this company to life. When the three of us made this a reality we soon realized that every town or city in Italy has a small gem of a winery that might only be widely known to the locals in that area. Those are the wines we seek. Three friends, a passion for real wine, and the joy of introducing it to others. That is Strade Bianche. Salute!