Caserta - Campania

5-6 hectares


Vineyard Size

3000 cases


Annual Production

Certified organic




Gesco Foundation - Gennaro Reale

The Selvanova vineyard park consists of 10 hectares, all located on the hill that slopes gently from the company headquarters towards the banks of the Volturno river. They are divided into five different plots for both exposure and altitude. Vineyards, planted between 1999 and 2002, where Pallagrello Bianco and Pallagrello Nero (the two most strictly typical vines of this part of Campania) and Aglianico and Fiano (leading vines of Campania viticulture) took up residence. The Selvanova wine labels tell this story through the artistic imagery of the paintings of Alessandra Illiano, a young painter trained in the artistic laboratory of the Aquilone Departmental Rehabilitation Day Center (of the Mental Health Department of the Asl Napoli 1 Centro, managed by the Gesco group through the cooperative Era). Colorful and postmodern urban settlements on the banks of the river, in the middle of which there is the graphic and stylized representation of a raft, which has become the company logo.


The territory where Selvanova is located has always represented the right environment for the growth of vine and olive trees with its clayey soils set between Mount Taburno and Partenio to the south and the Matese Massif to the north; its cool microclimate in summer and temperate in winter thanks to the Volturno river. Selvanova is located in this fairytale setting, in the Squille hamlet of the Municipality of Castel Campagnano in the province of Caserta, in Campania. First of all, healthy viticulture to affect as little as possible, with human action, what nature has formed over thousands of years. This cultural background, totally dedicated to the ethics of business management, has convinced Gesco to invest in this project since 2018, proudly carrying forward its philosophy and goal. Gesco is a group of social enterprises from Campania and one of the main ones in Southern Italy. It mainly deals with the management of socio-assistance and social-health services and in recent years in the context of the diversification of business programs, it has invested particularly in the sectors of the environment, tourism, catering, sustainable mobility, information and culture.

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