Segni di Langa - Gianluca Colombo



Barolo - Piemonte

4-6 hectares


Vineyard Size

1,700 cases


Annual Production





Gianluca Colombo

Gianluca grew up in the Langa area of Piemonte, so developing a passion for wine is not uncommon, but over time he turned this passion into a full time job. He began as an up and coming wine consultant for a number of wineries in the area, and in 2011 he started his own winery “Segni di Langa”. His wine making skills were recognized in 2014 as the recipient of the Giulio Gambelli Prize which goes to the top Italian winemaker under 40. Gianluca's philosophy is that his wines are born from the earth and, with them, he tries to convey all the effort, passion and commitment that he devotes to his grapes. He sees himself as a farmer, whereas his wife calls him a young entrepreneur! His attitude is lively and passionate and it translates into his wines that have character and express both the winemaker and the terrior.


Sengi di Langa makes wine that respects the environment, the land, and varietal purity. They are acutely aware that each single vineyard has its own personality, hence they make wine where they go along with fermentation, following, and not leading the wine as it evolves, and never clarification or filtrating the wines. Aging in the barrel is important but never prevailing, because they want to enhance the absolute exclusive bond between vines and the Langa area. Each bottle is marked with Gianluca's fingerprint, applied manually, as a sign of his great passion, respect, and commitment to rare wines, produced in limited quantity. Each bottle expresses both the land and winemaker.

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