Plani Arche



Montefalco - Umbria

8 hectares


Vineyard Size

3,000 cases


Annual Production

Certified organic




Roberto di Filippo

Plani Arche started with Italo DiFilippo in 1971. It is now run by Italo's son Roberto and his wife Elena Pompeii. Roberto’s first vintage was in 1980. The winery converted to organic farming in 1994. The name of the winery,"Plani Arche" is the Latin name of a local shrine (“Pian d’Arca”) which is considered the spot where St Francis of Assisi gave his famous “Sermon to the Birds”. Cantina Plani Arche is located across the valley from the ancient city of Assisi. It is comprised of 6 hectares of vineyards across 6 parcels, at average elevations of 250 meters, oriented towards the southeast.


Grapes come from a 1.5ha parcel, oriented southeast, at 250 meters elevation. Soil is comprised of calcareous clay. Average age of the vines is 20 years old. Grass, legumes (to add nutrients) or grains (to add competition) are planted between rows vineyard rows. To deal with foxes, which were devouring his grapes, he brought some geese on to his property. Counterintuitively, geese are aggressive, loud and scary as hell swooping down on something invading their territory. Roberto also uses horses to plough his fields and avoid the soil compression that results from 2+ ton tractors, but the sacrifice, for Roberto, has been more than in speed of farming...his leg has been broken not once but
TWICE by a horse kick. It tells you how devoted he is to his horses and how close to the action he is.

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