Peter Radovic



Carso - Friuli Venezia Giulia

3 hectares


Vineyard Size

900 cases


Annual Production

Organic conversion




Peter Radovič

Peter Radovic’s makes wines in Carso, near the town of Trieste, along the Slovenian border. He is the youngest winemaker in the region. Together with his family he owns a farm, with olive trees and 7 acres of vineyards planted to Terrano, Vitovska, and Malvasia. They also have sections of the vineyard they have been unable to identify the grape variety. The vineyard sites are extremely steep and comprised of porus limestone soils. The terrain of the area is very rugged and rather inhospitable to farming. This hasn’t stopped Peter as he continues to produce some of the most unique wines in the area.


Carso is also known as the Karst Region. The term Karst refers to the topography of the region, slowly eroding carbonate rock marked by caves and fissures. Due to the rough terrain, everything in the vineyards must be done by hand. The vines are planted on cliffs that overlook the Adriatic Sea with an average age of 20 years. Peter is in the process of converting his vineyards to organic and only uses natural treatments. All of his white wines spend time on the skins during fermentation. He ferments all his wines in large limestone vats, before aging the wines in neutral oak barrels.

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