Perillo - Campania

5-6 hectares


Vineyard Size

3000 cases


Annual Production

Organic not certified




Michele Perillo

Michele's Grandfather first planted vines around their house in Baiano. He was a farmer who, like hundreds of thousands of southern peasants, had been called by Sonnino to make meat for slaughter on the Piave and Isonzo. Having grapes on the family property inspired Michele to enroll in oenology courses. In 1999 a small amount of wine was bottled for the first time with the rest of the grapes being sold to other producers. That was the beginning of a quest for quality or quantity and the hope to remain on the land his family had settled many years ago.


The Perillo vines are an infinite intertwining of clones and ages. Some plants are close to 100 years old, while others in the 30-50 year range. The soils are also very different. There are clay, volcanic, and sandy soils all on the small 5-6 hectare plot. The color of the ground ranges from white to black to red in different places. The management is organic, no fertilizer is used, and only essential treatments. The property is not certified, but only as a protest to the commercialization of the certification process.

Perillo wines

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