Sannio - Campania

13 hectares


Vineyard Size

3000 cases


Annual Production

Certified organic




Anna Chiara e Paola Mustilli

Originating from the town of Ravello,on the Amalfi Coast, in the early 16th century, the Mustilli Ancestors decided to move to the ancient Samnium Region in the medieval village of Sant’Agata de’ Goti to cultivate the lands of Benevento. In the 1970’s Leonardo and Marilì Mustilli re-established the family tradition of grapevine cultivation reintroducing Campania’s most venerable varietals such as Greco, Aglianico, Piedirosso and Falanghina, which at that time was close to extinction. Leonardo was a hydraulic engineer and dedicated his adult life to the study, classification and vinification of the autochthonous varieties of Sannio. He was impressed by the Falanghina varietal and in 1979, he bottled the first pure Falanghina wine in the world. Today Leonardo’s daughters run the family business and take care of the winery: Paola is in charge of all commercial aspects, including sales abroad and Anna Chiara oversees the vineyards, winemaking and quality control. Every year, from all over the world, thousands of people and wine lovers visit the historic cellars dug into the tuff, 15 meters below the family palace where there is also the winebar where tastings take place. Marilì oversees hospitality at Palazzo Rainone, the historic residence that hosts visitors who want to stay in the beautiful medieval village that stands at the foot of Mount Taburno.


Wine was always an intrinsic part of the family’s history as can be seen in their extraordinary tufa cellars and used to this day to age their select wines. The family-run company is dedicated to the safeguarding of local production techniques as well as spreading a culture of good food and better quality of life. Mustilli hosts and organizes events dedicated to the world of art, music and culture that take place in the courtyard, in the ancient cellars and in the historic residence. 15 hectares grown on calcareous, clay-rich soil: The Mustilli vineyards are cultivated with respect and only the grapes they grow are vinified and bottled. Phytosanitary management and integrated controls are used according to current laws and regulations. Despite modern technologies, many working methods are still in use to preserve handed down family values and traditions.

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