Colli Tortonesi - Piemonte

2 Hectares


Vineyard Size

600 cases


Annual Production

Organic Conversion




Isabella Oddero

Monlià is the story of a great friendship born between wine, good food and Piedmontese evenings. It is the story of Isabella and Pietro Oddero, two cousins united by the historical legacy of one of the most important families of Barolo. It is the story of Ito and Steve, the two histrionic owners of the More and Macine tavern in La Morra, the real beating heart of Langa's food and wine. These friends joined in the passion for a unique grape variety: Timorasso. They started in 2018 with only one hectare and under the careful guidance of the greatest interpreter of this grapes: Walter Massa.


Rigid manual selection of the grapes in the vineyard. Spontaneous fermentation takes piace in stainless steel at a contro I led temperature of18 ° C max. The aging takes piace partly in large Austrian oak barrels far, year, the remainder in steel tanks. Following the aging period, the t No malolactic fermentati on. The Timorasso of the Tortona hills can boast the nickname "Derthona". AII producers who produce Timorasso in the Tortona Hills area can cali theirTimorasso wine "Derthona''. Derthona is the Latin name of the city ofTortona from which Timorasso originates.

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