Montepulciano - Toscana

3-4 Hectares


Vineyard Size

1,100 cases


Annual Production






Eugenia proudly run Luteraia, in one of the lowest parts of Montepulciano’s appellation near the small village of Acquaviva. She is carrying on the heritage of the founder Sergio (husband and father), who died in 2014. Sergio was extremely passionate about wine and he believed in respecting nature to the fullest. “I’m just the person who connects my terroir to my wines,” was one of his favorite quotes. Eugenia, is carrying on her father's legacy and thanks to his masters in herbology and natural farming has added value to the winery by bringing new and experimental biodynamic treatments based on herbs and seaweed, and limiting the use of copper and sulfur in the vineyard.


Outside the small town of Acquaviva, just below the walled Tuscan hill town of Montepulciano, Luteraia has produced superior wine for four generations. The quality of the wine is a product of their philosophy to respect the land and vines by using only natural products and adopting innovative approaches to growing healthy grapes. Their deeply-rooted intention is to produce high-quality wine with no manipulation so that this traditional blend of grapes: Sangiovese base with Cannaiolo, Mammolo and the real special guest Malvasia Bianca, a touch of good old fashioned elegance.

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