Montalcino - Toscana

3-4 Hectares


Vineyard Size

1,100 cases


Annual Production

Certified Organic




francesco mulinari

L’Aietta started in 2001, when Francesco Mulinari was still in high school. There was a little field where he’d go for picnics that had some olive trees and grape vines. Soon he discovered that they were registered at the consortium under the name Brunello, and began to take advantage. L’Aietta has two different vineyard sites: L’Aietta and Castelnuovo. L’Aietta is terraced with century old dry walls and the vines are trained with the Gobelet method. The soils of the L’Aietta are sandy with westward exposure. Most of the vines were planted in 2004.


The site of L’Aietta was purchased by Francesco’s father, not as a vineyard, but as a place for the family to picnic and the children to play. Before that it was grazing lands for sheep. It was only when Francesco came of age that he discovered the hidden treasure on this property: Brunello vines. The cellar at L’Aietta is very small, the smallest in Montalcino. There isn’t much in the way of equipment or technology, just some tanks and barrels. The secret is just having beautiful fruit and passion. I don’t make wine for money, I make it because I love making it. Francesco ferments the juice from his two vineyards separately in steel tanks and then ages in five or ten hectoliter Slavonian oak casks. All the winemaking and farming is done by Francesco by himself, possible due to his extremely small production.

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