La Masera



Piverone - Piemonte

5 Hectares


Vineyard Size

1,100 cases


Annual Production

Organic not Certified




Alessandro, Gian Carlo, Davide, Sergio and Marco

Our group of friends founded “La Masera” in Settimo Rottaro in 2005, wishing to bring to life the Erbaluce Passito, the wine that, it is told, grew out of the skilled hands of local farmers. The choice of our name is significant for one of the values ​​that characterizes us most: the strong link with our territory and its authenticity. In effect, “Masere” is the name we use to indicate the thick stone walls that demarcate fields, just like the one that supports, in its terracing, the land we acquired to start our Erbaluce production.


La Masera was born in 2005 in Settimo Rottaro (TO) from a group of friends who wanted to revive the myth of the goodness of the Erbaluce Passito, which is said to have originated from the skilled hands of the Rottarese peasants. The company now has a vineyard area of ​​about 5 hectares located in the municipalities of Settimo Rottaro and Azeglio with pergola and row systems included in the delimitation for the Controlled Designation of Origin of both Erbaluce di Caluso and Canavese Rosso, and vinifies in right in a professional winery located in the Municipality of Piverone (TO).

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