II Molinaccio



Montepulciano - Toscana

3-4 Hectares


Vineyard Size

1,100 cases


Annual Production

Certified organic




Alessandro Sartini

Il Molinaccio produces Vino Nobile on its estate in the tiny village of Cervognano below the ancient walled hill town of Montepulciano. Alessandro's focus is to produce elegant and high-quality wine that expresses the unique flavors and nuance of the region while staying true to the traditional wine making lessons he learned from his grandfather Fanetti. For decades Alessandro only produced wine for his family but when he started Il Molinaccio in 2013 with his partner Marco he wanted to carry forward his grandfather's tradition of a natural product that imparts passion and respect for the environment.


The farm Il Molinaccio has been in Alessandro's family on his mother's side (Fanetti) for as long as they can remember. When Il Molinaccio was started Alessandro wanted to keep the farming and wine making very natural and simple. Il Molinaccio is a certified organic winery and Alessandro believes in a natural wine making process without additives, intervention or manipulation. He believes in open fermentation with native yeast and his goal is to have his wine express the unique flavor of the Sangiovese grape (Prugnolo Gentile) from this region. His Vino Nobile wine is made with 100% Sangiovese so that you can taste the grape, land and vintage.

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