Giulia Monteleone



Castigline di Sicilia, Etna - Sicilia

5-6 hectares


Vineyard Size

3000 cases


Annual Production

Certified organic




Giulia Monteleone

The Monteleone project, of wine and life, took shape in July 2017 when, after a long search, they identified two hectares of old vineyard a few steps from the Alcantara river. They are at the foot of Etna just under five hundred meters above sea level and less than fifty steps from the ancient Cuba of Santa Domenica, a Byzantine jewel of rare and intact beauty. They arrived there on a hot summer day, a warm wind swept away doubts and perplexities in a few moments: this was the locus amenus they were looking for, the right place to make our wine. In the following years they dedicated themselves to expanding the company with new vineyards whose fruit will be the matrix of new wines.


The vineyards are located on the northern slope of Etna, located in two different districts: Cuba and Pontale Palino. There are great differences in terroir between one district and another, hence the decision to vinify each parcel separately: each label is therefore an expression of a single vineyard. In Contrada Cuba there are two hectares of vineyards: about a hectare and a half is espalier cultivated and dating back to 1970; the remaining five thousand meters are instead trained in saplings, the typical form of cultivation of the Etna vine, and date back to 1935. The grapes are the autochthonous Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, with small percentages of Alicante. In Contrada Pontale Palino, at about 700 meters above sea level, they have just under three thousand meters of ungrafted vines whose immense genetic heritage they aim to defend in future years.

Giulia Monteleone wines

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