Colle Petruccio



Maremma - Toscana

13 Hectares


Vineyard Size

2600 cases


Annual Production

Certified Organic




Sandro Ruffo

Sandro devoted himself to viticulture and winemaking from a very young age. In the early 70's he started his journey with the cultivation of grapes and wine making in Calabria, his homeland. After completing his studies, he moved to Rome and dedicated himself to becoming a great lawyer. Over the years the grind of the city life wore on him and the late 90’s his old passion for wine making got the upper hand. He decided to give up his law practice and returned to his passion in the vineyards and cellar. He moved to Maremma, which is the wild coastline of Tuscany, where he fulfilled his dream of slowing down, being outside in the beautiful rugged countryside, growing grapes and producing wine.


The Colle Petruccio farm gets its name from the historic and ancient hill that the property resides on (Colle Petruccio). This hill is next to the Etruscan Roman archaeological site of Roselle or Rusellae which was an important ancient town in Etruria, and later Rome, which survived until the Middle Ages at which time it was abandoned. This famous hill was used by both the Etruscan’s and later the Roman’s, for growing grape vines and olive trees. This hill derived its name from a land rich in boulders and stones which gave the grapes grown on it a unique strength and minerality. As vines have been cultivated on this hill for millennia Sandro believes in farming and making wine the same way it has been done throughout history. Therefore, the farm is certified organic, fermentation is spontaneous and minimal intervention in the cellar, which is possible thanks to the environment and the excellent terroir around the vineyard.

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