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Barbaresco - Piemonte

4-6 Hectares


Vineyard Size

2,500 Cases


Annual Production

Organic Not Certified




Paolo Veglio

Paolo Veglio is a first generation Barbaresco producer. His family has worked in different kind of trades from architects to hazelnut brokers, but not a single farmer. His interest in farming and winemaking came from growing up looking at the most iconic Barbaresco vineyards from his country house in the middle of hills around Alba and Langhe. In few years he's become one of the appellation's legend even he doesn't really know that, such a humble guy.


Cascina Roccalini isn’t certified organic or biodynamic but Paolo farms based on the ideals and respect for nature that organics and biodynamics represent. For him, certification is a formality. The most important for Paolo is letting nature work at it’s own pace, and not hurrying things along with chemicals. Paolo’s process in the cellar is very simple. After grapes have fully reached phenolic ripeness they are meticulously harvested. After letting the grapes cool overnight he presses the next day with a de-stemmer press that allows for a soft press. 14-16 Months in big slavonian oak barrels and bottle, that's the "secret" of his Nebbiolo.

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Nebbiolo d'Alba



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