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Barbaresco - Piemonte

4-6 hectares


Vineyard Size

2,500 cases


Annual Production

Organic not certified




Paolo Veglio

Paolo Veglio is a first generation Barbaresco producer. His family worked in many different trades from architects to hazelnut brokers, but farming was not in his blood. His interest in it and winemaking came from growing up looking at the most iconic Barbaresco vineyards from his country house in the middle of hills around Alba and Langhe. In just a short period of time, he’s gone from selling his grapes to some of the most iconic wineries in Piemonte, to becoming one of the appellation's legends. You’d never know it by talking with him though, he maintains a refreshing humility about him.


Paolo farms organically and biodynamically but eschews any formal certifications. He feels certifications represent the commercial side of the wine industry. The most important for Paolo is letting nature work at its own pace, and not hurrying things along with chemicals. His vineyard site sits on a hill overlooking the Tanaro river in the heart of Barbaresco. He owns nearly 40 forested acres behind his vineyards but chooses not to plant them in order to promote biodiversity. He carries his hands off philosophy to the cellar as well, in an effort to achieve the purest expression of Nebbiolo.

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