Cascina Fornace



Roero - Piemonte

4-6 hectares


Vineyard Size

1,700 cases


Annual Production

Organic not certified




Enrico and Emanuele Cauda

It is in Santo Stefano Roero, therefore near the north-eastern border of the Cuneo area, in Piedmont, that the Cascina Fornace winery is located. Born in 2009 from a winning intuition of Emanuele and Enrico Cauda. Run since the beginning according to the rules of organic agriculture and ever closer to biodynamic management, Cascina Fornace has a vineyard area of ​​about 3.5 hectares, in which the two most widespread indigenous varieties in the area prevail, namely nebbiolo and arneis. Between the rows, the vineyard is worked manually with no synthetic products or herbicides used. While in the vinification phase, only indigenous yeasts are used instead of selected yeasts. Fermentations take place without temperature control and the amount of sulfur used is even ten times lower than that allowed by law. Finally, during the bottling phase no clarification or filtration is carried out in order not to compromise the essence of the taste-olfactory profile of the raw material.


The Arneis is represented by Cascina Fornace with the “Pedaforno” and the white “Desaja” obtained from non-certified biodynamic viticulture, both intriguing, with a taut and mineral profile. For Nebbiolo, on the other hand, Cascina Fornace Valdovato, Viscà and Roero DOCG come forward, fruity and pulpy, with a rich, long and persistent sip, excellent to combine with local cuisine. Emanuele and Enrico have always focused everything on the quality and excellence of the grapes, with a philosophy that is as little interventionist as possible and close to nature and the environment, always focusing attention on territorial expressiveness. Here the sandy soils rich in limestone, the old vines, the deliberately low yields and the particular pedo-climatic conditions, allow the full and incisive revelation of the varietal and the earth.

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