Ours are the family run Italian vineyards who prune their vines, hand pick their grapes and work in the cellar.

Real - Clean - Natural

Our definition is no chemicals or pesticides in the vineyard. No synthetic yeast or additives in the cellar. Grapes, yeast and sometimes small doses of sulfur.


We partner with winemakers who share our philosophy of natural wine production, yet their wines are classic expressions of the vintage and terrior. Most of our wines are clean and classic though we have a few with a little funk.

Small Family Wineries

We support small family wineries who share our commitment to quality and use time-tested practices such as hand-picking their grapes, planting native varietals and using local wine making traditions.

Exclusive Availablity

Our Italian producers create outstanding, small batch wines not available for purchase anywhere else in the U.S.
Strade Bianche means “white roads,” and refers to the historic white gravel roads that run through the hills and among the vineyards of the Chianti region of the Tuscan countryside in Italy.
We import real wine from real hard working people in Italy. Farming organically or biodyamically and making wine with no additives or manipulation takes a lot of attention, effort and passion. Our producers would do it no other way.
Our Wines
A banker, a dentist and an Italian sommelier meet in Tuscany....
Our Story
Together with our Italian friends and partners, we search all over Italy for existing small, family-run wineries, or startup wineries who share our values and commitment to quality.

We are passionate about every small family winery we import, and want to share the history, places and amazing people who come together to make each bottle of our wine.
Our Producers

“Once you see industrial wine being farmed and produced it is eyeopening. While living in Italy I would run daily through the countryside of Tuscany and I would see the large producers who sprayed a ton of chemicals and pesticides on their grapes. I would have to hold my breath and dodge the poisonous clouds. Then you see the stark contrast of producers with the philosophy of making real wine that represents their passion, the vintage and their terrior. We are far from the first converts to this style, but we are proud to join their ranks, because it is a beautiful thing when you taste it in your glass."
-Bobby Barnett


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